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Цемент, щебень


20, Nikitina str.,
630009 , Novosibirsk
tel. +7 (383) 266-14-42, 266-73-25
fax +7 (383) 266-14-62

Об институте
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Limited Liability Company Sibniiprojectcement is an engineering company rendering services to cement industry, enterprises which manufacture lime, brick, aggregate clay, dry building mixes, crushed stone, as well as metallurgy and power enterprises.

All company activities are certified by Self-regulating Organization (licensing authority) for implementation of works, which influence safety of objects under construction, including dangerous, complicated and unique objects.

Sibniiprojectcement applies Integrated Management System in respect of engineering works, which influence safety of objects under construction GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007).

The company implements projects with all process equipment made both by Russian and foreign manufactures (Europe, China, etc.).

Today the total number of employees exceeds 100 highly-qualified experts with expertise in diverse spheres:

- elaboration of technical and design solutions, including those for infrastructure facilities;

- elaboration of architectural and planning solutions;

- space planning of land parcels;

acquisition of information about equipment, engineering utilities, auxiliary equipment, engineering and technical activities;

- elaboration of special parts of engineering (technical measures for civil defense, emergency prevention; Industrial Safety Certificates for hazardous facilities, hydro-technical facilities; fire-fighting measures; measures for accessibility for disabled people);

- basic engineering for construction, demolition and dismantling of building and structures, life prolongation and preservation;

economic and cost-estimate analysis;

environmental impact assessment, measures for environment protection.

assessment and confirmation of the following indices: area of sanitary zones, maximum permissible emission and discharge, Waste Generation Standards and Waste Disposal Limits; arrangement and holding of public consultations, environmental services.

Our specialists implement the whole package of R&D works: study of raw materials, laboratory and operation testing, elaboration of technical rules, selection and collection of process equipment for each project, etc.

Sibniiprojectcement implements field, construction and erection supervision, startup and commissioning, training of personnel, performs functions of technical client.

Our company offers full package of surveys (engineering geotechnical, geodesic, geological environmental and geotechnical surveys).

Sibniiprojectcement has successfully implemented a variety of projects of construction and reconstruction of large-scale enterprises on the territory of Russia and abroad

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